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Panchakarma stroke 2

Saffron enriched beautiful tea...

Today is a full moon and the evening is stunning. Its been a great day, I slept in until 9am and then went for breakfast. I forgot that when I do panchakarma its around now I turn into the antichrist and actually managed to take a deep breath and not start shouting and spinning my head round when my porridge with honey was the wrong consistency. And maintained good relations with the people who work here who are really nice laid back Nepalis. Like last time I got the bleurgh thoughts but not so bad this time and not for as long. And a couple of weird patches of dry skin (dry skin is symptomatic of too much vata) despite both imbibing and applying oils. Dr Arora said its the vata fighting back. Theres a feeling of exorcism in Ayurvedic cleansing. I think once you do it though, the only way you can maintain the good feelings is to change your lifestyle as I've noticed that refined sugar makes me very moody. Anyway, I felt quiet and relaxed today, with a still mind.
I went to the only local hotel with a pool, the Narayana Palace, and spent all day reading about Indian history and the Partition events of 1947 which I was never really aware of. What an eye opener. Then, and since then, theres been some truly horrific events. People forced to flee their homes and lives forever on unimaginable scales. The story of Lucknow. The massacres in Bihar in the 1990's. A lot of darkness. According to the Puranas India is now in the age of Kali- the age of corruption. I was talking to Louise yesterday and she was saying that what strikes her, as an American, is the total lack of civil rights- like when she travels around by car here with an Indian man they often get stopped and searched, with no rights read out to them, the police don't even go through the motions (incidentally, she said the searches are a joke- they'll write her name down as 'Louise', no surname, and then not even bother to go all through her bags!) and its scary. I have seen more police in Rishikesh than elsewhere in India and apparently there is sometimes violent crime here. Theres been a lot of tourists who get themselves into trouble by smoking with 'saddhus'- as I said a few days ago, the saddhu lifestyles a popular choice for wanted criminals, grow a beard, wear an orange robe, grab a begging bowl and Bobs your uncle... Sometimes when I see rows of them now I just visualize them breaking into petrol stations and burning stuff....! Though some of them have the sweetest eyes and radiate good humanity. I wonder too if maybe some criminal types come here to lie low for a few years, undergo huge transformation and then end up staying for the right reasons? Hard to say. I have not encountered any aggressive begging whatsoever though. Oh, and the STD clinics here do a roaring trade... Nice....
Its been very hot the past day or so and it occurred to me I should make the most of it so I've been doing a bit of sunbathing to get a bit of glow (with high factor block). Sandra and I got talking to some really nice American men from Boston, actually intelligent and interesting too (not that I tend to have a low opinion of Americans, oh no), this afternoon. They were a Persian family who had been here a week and recommended we try the white water rafting which I'm quite tempted by. It would be good to get out into the elements a bit more. So I'll look into it after the madness of Holi tomorrow is over. Theres a full moon tonight so I'm having a quiet one, lying low, and I may venture out tomorrow, into Haridwar possibly, to watch people chucking eggs and drinking... Sandras managed to find sources of beer around here though I can't indulge because of Panchakarma, I'm only drinking saffron tea with honey and water. Whisky seems to be the most popular tipple. The guys in one of the local cafes often are toasted on it. One of them said to me the other day "What else is there to do here?". I suggested he try a Yoga class.. He wasn't amused. But I guess when I was 20 I would have thought that spending months doing Yoga was totally gay too...
Thats pretty much been it today. I was excited to discover you can buy the saffron energy Gokul tea I've been drinking in the cafes so I got a load of it. Its a strong spicy tea, which with a bit of honey is the nectar of the Gods, 20 times nicer than chai. And its a powder so its much more intense than a teabag. Going to go and have a cup now. Well it is Friday night after all...

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